South Road, Brighton

Exterior and Interior Painting of a property on South Road, Brighton

Melbourne Painters Group | Painters Brighton division was the winning painting company for the painting of a property on South Road, Brighton. Our client required the project to be carried out to a very high standard which meant all cracks and plaster damages had to be filled accurately, all surfaces had to be sanded, and drop sheeting the floors was a must to ensure no paint splatter or drops on the floors.

Our scope of work for this project included all interior painting of doors, door frames, garage floor, colonial windows, skirting boards, architraves, walls, and ceilings, as well as all exterior painting of walls, eaves fences, doors, door frames and touching up of all windows.

For the painting of interior walls, we chose to use Dulux Wash and Wear plus Anti-Bacterial paint because of it great coverage and the benefits of its easy cleanup, making this product the best choice for our client.

For the preparation of the woodwork, we thoroughly sanded all surfaces and cleaned up the job site by vacuuming all rooms, followed by tack clothing all time surfaces before undercoating with Taubman’s Tradex Prep Range. After our interior painters completed the undercoating, it was time to move on and complete all of the ceilings, and the product we chose to apply to the ceilings and cornices was the Dulux Ceiling flat white.

Once all the interior painting was completed and our client had seen the great results, they decided to paint the exterior of the property as well and asked for us to quote for it, and once again, our exterior painters were awarded the project.

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